Every #1 horror film in U.S. history...

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Jun 15, 2019
I'm on the Horror Wiki on Fandom, working on a list of number one horror movies in the United States. The good old US of A, and a list of top ten box office horror films from 1922 up to now, using a chart like method. The hard part is that prior to 1982, there was no weekend box office, but there was a top 50 weekly chart from April of 1969 up to a certain point in time, that kept a record of grosses. Before that, well, it was kind of more difficult.

Box Office Mojo has some weekend data for 1977 to 1983 on that site. I noticed they changed their site a bit in recent months, so I had to follow along.

From 1982 to 2020, films at the weekend are more so considered a number one than weekly films. Although any film can still top the box office during the week, but the weekend box office obviously makes the industry way more money.

Prior to 1969, the well known magazine "Variety" in America, also documented grosses for movies since 1922 and beyond, in different ways, but it was not really a weekly chart. It was just a bunch of that week's hottest films and what money they supposedly made. So you would just rally up the grosses as if that was film 1, 2 and so on. Here's what I came up with...

I must say, this hobby is not easy. I own every film listed here, on DVD. Only two are not available: "London After MIdnight" starring Lon Chaney, supposedly perished in a fire at MGM, and "The Terror" is also a lost film. That's sad. Maybe people didn't look after stuff very well back then.

I'll update that page accordingly! :D

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