Eva Murry accusation against Biden shown false by Sasha Pezenik, ABC reporter


Sasha Pezenik ABC News said:
As fmr VP Biden faces fire for Ms. Reade's sexual assault allegations, a new accuser comes forward saying Biden verbally sexual harassed her in 2008 at the Delaware Gridiron dinner.

The niece of Christine O'Donnell says at 14, Biden complimented her breasts at a meet n' greet..

... And, O'Donnell says, how uncomfortable it made her niece at the time. "I was right there when he said it," O'Donnell says. "He asked her how old she was. She said "14 sir" He said she was very well endowed for a 14 yr old. I could not believe it. It got really uncomfortable."

Chirps from the archives cast new q's on whether Biden may have been somewhere else entirely... at home recovering from a sinus surgery.

Contemporaneous local news reporting shows Biden may have been out of commish for the "remainder of the week," according to his then-spox.

And #first to @ABC we asked the campaign to ante up then-Sen. Biden's schedule for that day. It shows "regrets in Delaware - 6p 17th annual First State Gridiron Dinner & show, cocktails on the riverfront, black tie - John to attend." aka -- an aide there, in Biden's stead.

And, then-V.P. of the First State Gridiron Dinner wrote a letter today provided by the campaign, "to whom it may concern" saying, "After reviewing my files of the dinner which included attendees and the show itself, I can conclusively say, Senator Biden was not at the dinner."

Then-Gridiron V.P J. Brian Murphy saying, "The annual dinner is attended annually by 300 to 400 elected officials & prominent Delawareans. The year 2008 is particularly noteworthy because it is the only year where the Senator agreed to appear in a video..."

"... which was a spoof of Meet the Press. It was taped earlier that week. It was our hope the Senator would attend the dinner to see the video, but he sent regrets..."

"... Had he been there, myself as well as others would have known and in fact, I would have acknowledged him from the stage. Senator Biden was not at the Gridiron Dinner in May of 2008."

O'Donnell says her niece has "no agenda" in her claims, and "even though she and her niece are on opposite sides of the politial spectrum, she knows I support her for coming out... if the MeToo movement's support for women stops at party lines, then it is no movement at all."

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