Escaping reality through video games


Feb 15, 2019
There are real stats that show that some people go for gaming simply to escape from the real world. I’d rather we be open and honest with ourselves. Humanly speaking, very few people want to admit that they have challenges or issues bothering them and so they resort to gaming for a cover-up. It is wiser and more helpful to look out for and confide in trusted help and counseling mates.
Eh, maybe I am playing devil's advocate but I don't see much of a problem with escaping within video games, within reason of course. If it is just to relax the mind and draw it away from the madness that goes on in the world or if you had a bad week, then I see no problem. Many people do face challenges but sort of need games to help get through the issue while they figure out a way to resolve it. Though I do see your point if you are saying people are playing video games, just to ignore their current issues.
Yes of course, whether they admit it or not , a lot of people try to find a way to escape, and yes it is quite nice to forget about your problems from time to time but i think that it is a big red flag when a nice calming hobby such as gaming turns into addiction,i believe people who get addicted to games needs help - in most cases- since this is going to wreck their minds and their lives, it learns them the wrong way of coping with any problem , wich is: running away. On the other hand some people may need professional help.
I will never encourage people to get out of the reality through gaming. People should always know that we have to survive in the real world. I personally think that one main factor is facing the reality. You must not drown yourself in gadgets, games and such because you might also lose yourself.
Everyone of us has it's own way to escape or hide a problem. People always love to show that his in a "happy" state of mind. It takes courage to face each challenges. I think that as individual we must learn to accept and find solution. Playing games may help to find a moment of calmness and peace but it is always better to have a positive outlook in life.
Games makes you forget the world around you and makes time seems to just slipped away so easily. That for a fact, makes a game a great way for an escape. People face tons of hurdles, sorrows and problems everyday that they tend to just give up and escape. I think there is nothing wrong in searching for an escape. We all need that. What is wrong is not facing your problems and just continue to escape endlessly. You can escape from time to time in order to have a peace mind and to have the courage and strength to face your problems head on. Don't just escape endlessly because you can never runaway from your problems.
Gaming will not solve your problems or can do anything to your life. It can be a pass time but that's only it. Do not play games just to escape or forget life. We should play games because we are happy when we are playing, we are enjoying playing it. After all, it's just a game.
Games are, for most people, a harmless hobby or something to look forward to at the end of the day. In the end, it's down to individual desires and preferences, as well as their responses to outside stimuli that will determine whether or not video games can be a safe escape. For some people, it's a great way of undoing daily stress, and bringing them into a more stable state. This kind of surface 'escape' is good since it helps with the management of feelings.

I agree, in part, that games should not be made into a 'deep' escape. Games are great as a tool for helping people cope, especially if they feel as though they have no other recourse. But it's inadvisable to slip in too much since this might actually result in the person's problems being compounded by an overdependence on the games.
When we play games we sort of get some feelings of achievement. Of accomplishment. Maybe it is not as much as accomplishment in real life as others may view it but there are actually a lot of accomplished gamers. Besides, considering how the world could be brutally cruel sometimes, it is not surprising people would turn to games for a pick-up. So long as we realize that games may not really be our whole life, then I could say that escaping to games could lead to good things too.
I don't play games because I want to escape from the real world. I play games to make my real life more pleasurable by having fun with the game. I play games to de-stress and entertain myself.
I think you might have taken it the wrong way really. When people say they look for an escape in gaming, it's more to just relax and not have to care too much about real life problems/responsibilities. For example, I like to relax by playing the Crew 2 because it just allows me to drive a sports car across the massive map whilst listening to my music on Spotify. It's relaxing and calming and just helps me throughout the day especially if I've been working hard and am tired.
I think that's reasonable because you can see that real life is also changing. Society is collapsing. And also the SJW and feminism has destroyed the society, so the current generation of kids find the escape in the game. The less family approach leads to the escape from the gaming. That happens most of the time with the kids and adults too.
I understand your concerns, as there are many documented cases of people losing themselves in gaming, however fortunately I am not one of them. I game simply as a form of entertainment. I like that is is interactive versus watching a tv program. I find gaming makes my brain work when playing strategy games.

I think if someone has a family member or friend that you feel is using gaming as a way of avoiding problems that they need to address, they should reach out to them and offer some help.

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