EPOS parts ways with Sennheiser, first gaming audio coming in October


EPOS has part ways with Sennheiser Communications, to produce their own gaming peripherals as well as an own-branded portfolio.

A press release states:
EPOS will sell the Sennheiser Communications gaming portfolio as co-branded EPOS | SENNHEISER whilst also introducing an exceptional new portfolio of premium EPOS branded products.

Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, President of EPOS, said:
With our ambition to make EPOS the industry leader within premium audio solutions in gaming, we aim to win the minds of all gamers who want to push their own limits – unleashing their potential – through the Power of Audio.

We have seen a great opportunity to nurture this segment by establishing a dedicated global team of industry experts and will continue to innovate solutions for an immersive audio experience. With audio becoming a key agenda in the industry, we look forward to follow the global gaming landscape evolve even further the coming years.

The first major EPOS-only gaming products will launch in October 2020. The company has produced a “futuristic, stylish short film” by Academy Award-winning Danish director Anders Walter to express the “out of this world” feeling the brand wishes to portray.