Epic Games Store June 2021 free games


Epic Games Store June 2021 free games are starting to be detailed by Epic Games, and we've got the details below.

Here’s what to expect and when.

Available 1-11 June​

Available 11-18 June​

Available 18-25 June​

Available 25 June to 2 July​

We’ll update this story as the month progresses. Which titles from the above are you most excited about?

Head here to grab the Epic Games Store launcher for PC.
Never heard of Frostpunk but it looks pretty interesting. I'm sure some will enjoy it
I have never heard of Frostpunk either so I will have to check it out. I'm going to bookmark this thread for updates too. Apparently, I missed the free epic games "Among Us" download last month and I'm kind of hoping they do that again so I can grab it for PC. I'm tired of playing the free version on my phone (lol).
Two more free games added to the list:

Hell is other demons
Overcooked 2
Another two titles added to the list:

Sonic Mania
Horizon Chase Turbo

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