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Elteria Adventures: Join the Alpha for free!

Oct 11, 2019

Do you want to participate in a big in-game community, but not in a classic MMO RPG? Are you tired of games that shower you with new gear that just grants you slightly higher bonuses to your stats? Do you want to fight monsters that do more than just auto-attack you while you’re auto-attacking them? Do you want to play something that’s new, unusual and, dare I say, free?

Then join the closed Alpha-test of Elteria Adventures today

Build wherever you want to: on the ground, in the underground, in the mountains, on a tree, on a cliff, or maybe even right in the air! Create your own portable home base, furnish it your own way, and get nifty boons for the trouble!

A completely destructible world! Dig a tunnel through a mountain, build an entire dungeon, change the geographic features however you like!

Do you even KNOW how CUTE monsters in Elteria are?! JUST LOOK AT THESE ADORABLE BABIES! Our designers spontaneously combust into rainbow flares just working on them - and this is not even their final form!

So, what do you need to join in on the fun? Just fill out a simple form on our official site Elteria Adventures, and wait for us to send the next wave of alpha keys! Got any questions? Ask them on our Discord server! Join the Elteria Adventures Discord Server!

P.S. We’ve already released the 13th megapatch, and are preparing the 14th, each making Elteria Adventures wider, deeper, and more interesting. Still, the game is currently in an alpha state, so it’s highly possible that you will encounter some bugs. If you do, do tell us of it on our Discord server. We hate bugs with a fiery passion, and do everything we can to make sure that our game is as bug-free as possible!
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