Elden Ring: Why Are My Character's Eyes Yellow or Red?


Elden Ring is a game with a lot of interesting things to find. In reality, those who don't want to fall into a hole at the start of the game will find the tutorial part hidden!

Things don't become any clearer when you're finally exploring the Lands Between as the game's community is still trying to figure out some aspects of FromSoftware's latest title. Many participants in Elden Ring are perplexed as to why their eyes have become red or yellow.

Why Does My Character Have Yellow Eyes?​

It has something to do with your recent Dragon-related activities if your eyes turn yellow in Elden Ring. After consuming a bunch of Dragon Hearts, your character's eyes will turn yellow.

When you travel to the Church of Dragon Communion and trade hearts for Elden Ring's Dragon magics, they will also transform!

You may access there by going via Coastal Cave, which is located close to the Elden Ring's starting point.

Why Does My Character Have Red Eyes?​

If your character in Elden Ring suddenly develops red eyes, it's likely that you've been invading other players.

After becoming a Knight of Mohg and getting the Bloody Finger from White-Faced Varre at Rose Church, Elden Ring participants develop red eyes.

Simply go to Rose Church and complete Varre's questline to obtain red eyes.

Here's how to get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring to invade an infinite number of times.

How to Change Your Character's Eye Color​

  • Simply quick travel to Roundtable Hold (the hub world location at the bottom left of your map).
  • Find Fia's chamber and interact with her mirror there.
  • Select Detailed Appearance > Alter Face & Hair from the Dressing Table, then change Eye Alternation to Off.
  • There you have it, you've regained your normal eye look.

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