Elden Ring Player Kills Turtle Pope Miriel and Fans React


Elden Ring is a game in which every choice counts, and unlike other games, you may murder the majority of the NPCs. Fans are angry that one player killed Miriel, who has to be one of the finest characters ever developed by From Software.

Every game by From Software is fairly dark, with a large number of gloomy NPCs, bosses, and other creatures. Miriel, a compassionate and warm-hearted turtle, is a stark contrast and a wonderful change.

Players' Reactions to Miriel's Death​

VG Crimson characterised the scenario as a test, which explains his behaviour. No one else had to ponder what would happen if he finished the procedure.

Miriel is incredibly difficult to kill due to his large health pool. He first tells you to give up your efforts and that he cannot be slain. This is not the case.

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In the comments, players are furious, but not in a bad way. They comment on the events in a witty and intellectual manner, saying things like:

“The LOATHSOME DUNGEATER” ~redditcasual6969
“Don’t compare the Dung Eater to this guy. That’s an insult to the Dung Eater.” ~SoloWing1
“I’ll pray for you, but I doubt you’ll escape Hell for this.” ~Trova_messorem88
“Did he drop the hat?” ~Funnycomicsansdog

Watch Prizzaa Gaming Channel’s video to see what happens when you kill Turtle Pope Miriel in Elden Ring, below:

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