Elden Ring: How to Upgrade Spirit Ash Summons


Elden Ring has a reputation for having challenging encounters and boss fights. As a result, you'll frequently need to rely on Spirit Ashes in more difficult scenarios.

These magical summons will aid you in battle but at a cost of a significant amount of FP. Make sure to test out all of the many types of Spirit Ash you have to choose your favourite for any given occasion.

When you have a few of Spirit Ash, it's time to learn how to upgrade them. After all, when you get to some of the game's tougher bosses, your basic summons won't cut it.

How Can I Upgrade My Spirit Ash Summons?​

Tired of your Spirit Ashes being one-shot by Elden Ring's tougher bosses? Here's how to increase their damage and health by upgrading them.
  • To begin, go to Stormhill Shack, which is located at the foot of Stormveil Castle. It's possible you've previously been here and haven't seen everything!
  • Roderika, the NPC in the shack, will offer you the Sitting Sideways Gesture if you speak to her. That isn't all she can do for you, though.
  • The Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, a new Spirit Ash Summon, will be given to you the second time you converse with her! She'll then ask you to deliver a message to her in Stormveil Castle.
  • If required, defeat Margit the Fell Omen and make your way through the Castle.
  • When you get to Rampart Tower, hurry past the barrel and down the steps and along the rooftops, avoiding the enemy-infested area ahead. You can safely descend by using a ladder to the south.
  • Then, on the tiny path, sprint past the knight and his torch-carrier, through the chamber with the fireplace and on to the next section until you notice a drop on the left.
  • Drop down to the chamber full of wrapped bodies, keeping an eye out for the dogs. The Crysalids' Memento you require may be found atop the body pile.
  • Return to Stormhill Shack and hand over the item to the NPC. She'll head to Roundtable Hold once she's exhausted all of her discussion options.
  • Talk to her near the fire in Roundtable Hold (the huge symbol in the bottom left corner of your map).
  • Then talk with the Smithing Master and choose 'About Roderika' from the menu.
  • Then go back to Roderika and have another conversation with her. Talk to the Smithing Master about Roderika once more for good measure.
  • Roderika will have established her shop opposite the blacksmith the next time you come in Roundtable Hold, allowing you to improve your Spirit Ashes!
  • To improve your Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring, you'll need Grave or Ghost Glovewort items as well as Runes. They'll get a boost in both HP and attack strength after that's done!

If you're struggling with this Elden Ring guide, you can watch our comprehensive walkthrough video below:


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