Elden Ring: How to Defeat the Fire Giant Boss


Elden Ring is full of difficult monsters and the majority of the game's big bosses are rather powerful in the second half.

Fire Giant isn't one of them. Some of his assaults are repetitive and unpleasant to avoid, but knowing how to position yourself makes the fight much simpler.

Check out this simple approach for taking down any boss in Elden Ring, including the Fire Giant!

Where Can I Find Fire Giant?​

The Fire Giant may be found on the Mountaintops of the Giants map's bottom right corner. The monster may be found on the left side of the massive Forge of the Giants. The nearest Grace Site is Foot of the Forge.

Players will use the medallion they acquired from Melina to travel to that place. You earn it after beating one of the game's most difficult bosses.

This medallion must be used on the lift in the city of Leyndell's East portion.

What is the Best Weapon to use to Beat Fire Giant?​

  • It's a big boss, and magic isn't necessarily the best method to deal with him. Rather, getting up close and personal is essential.
  • Smaller, quicker swords like katanas are the greatest weapons.
  • Depending on your build, you can beat the boss with any katana.
  • If you're a character that relies on intelligent, you'll want to get your hands on the Moonveil katana.
  • Use the Rivers of Blood katana, one of the game's greatest weapons, for arcane users.
  • Uchigatana is the greatest katana and it also functions well.

The First Phase of the Fire Giant​

  • The First Phase of the Fire Giant
  • For this stage, the best tactic is to simply sprint towards the Fire Giant.
  • Make cautious to avoid his initial assault, which involves a ground flip. It can be tough at times; it took me a few tries to get the timing correct.
  • Always remain on Torrent and avoid going beneath the boss.
  • Concentrate on his left leg, which is his weak spot.
  • Run as fast as you can towards the Fire Giant whenever he rolls away.
  • If you are under the boss's control, the majority of the assaults will miss you.

The Second Phase of the Fire Giant​

  • The second phase will begin when you have taken off half of the Fire Giant's HP.
  • The method is identical, except the enemy's left arm will now be its weak spot.
  • You may obtain the aggro faster by summoning any Spirit Ash. When it comes to Spirit Ash Summons in Elden Ring, though, there is undoubtedly a better choice!
  • For the greatest results, make sure to level up your Spirit Ash Summons!
  • Ride behind the boss and slash his legs with the katana some more.
  • The combat is quite straightforward, and the second part isn't too bad. However, be cautious that when you target the boss's ankles, he will now roll to the side, so make sure you're behind him in a position where you won't be harmed.
  • Dodging and running away from this monster will not be effective, since the Fire Giant's strikes have a shocking range. Stick to a medium range instead, even while employing magic.
  • Meanwhile, stay away from his magical fire assaults. Run away on Torrent if you see flames on the ground or enormous fire orbs approaching you.

It's a difficult boss fight, but not impossible if you know what you're doing. You can defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring if you are patient.

The following video tutorial was created to assist you in defeating the Fire Giant in Elden Ring:


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