Elden Ring: How to complete Rya's quest


The Elden Ring Rya quest is a lengthy, dark journey into the twisted depths of the Volcano Manor in search of one of the Lands Between's demigods, Elden Ring Rya. Aside from a heaping serving of mythology, you'll get a talisman that works as a kind of "hard mode," increasing the amount of damage you receive. Like most others, completing this quest takes a long time and patience, and is not for Elden Ring beginners.

How to Find and Start Rya's Quest​

Rya's quest starts in Liurnia, east of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace. She's at the stone gazebo near the map's telescope marker, and she's asking for your assistance in finding a stolen necklace. Accept her offer to assist her in her search, and she'll give you imprecise directions on where to seek.

The Location of Rya's Necklace​

The residence where she claims the thief took refuge is also close by. It's Boilprawn Shack, north of the Scenic Isle Grace and northwest of Rya's beginning place. The thief is seated beside a campfire and will either offer you 1,000 Runes for the necklace or drop it if you kill him. Take it back to Rya, whichever option you choose. She'll express her gratitude and grant you an invitation to Volcano Manor. This will be the last time you see her for a long.

How To Travel To Volcano Manor​

The next stage of Rya's quest takes place in Volcano Manor, albeit she may physically accompany you there depending on your route to Altus Plateau. Rya will be waiting at the steps behind the enormous golems if you take the Grand Lift of Dectus up from Liurnia. Speak with her, and she'll whisk you away to the manor.

If you took the long route up through the tunnels instead, it appears that the game skips this section and forces you to either take another shortcut or go to the house.

The alternative shortcut lies in the Academy's basement at Raya Lucaria, which may be reached by taking the water wheel elevator all the way down rather than up. There, you'll meet the leader of the Abductor Virgins. You are sent to the Inquisition Chamber under Volcano Manor after you are dragged into the metal body. You'll have to fight the Abductor Virgins again (and win this time), and the passage beyond that leads to Hermit Village.

If you're walking, take the Altus Plateau north past Seethewater until you reach the Fort Laidd Site of Grace. Ignore the Magma Wyrm and turn left to ride Torrent over the lava. Torrent will be damaged, but not to the point of disappearing before you reach the other side. You'll arrive in Hermit Village if you continue on the route beyond the enormous bear.

With swarms of demihumans, a demihuman chieftain, and Maggie, the Demihuman Queen, the town is a nuisance. It's easy to become overwhelmed, so unless you want to empty the area, just speed through to the other end. A Site of Grace can be found adjacent to the body of a sorcerer. Grab the Comet Azur spell from the body, turn around, and bridge the gap by following the stone pillar.

Continue up the cliffside route, then turn left at the fork and cross the bridge (turning right takes you to a dungeon). Ignore the boss and run inside the mansion on the Spiritwind. Speak with Tanith, then go to the drawing room to find Rya. To continue the mission, you must accept to join Tanith.

How to progress in Rya's quest​

After completing Tanith's first two demands, talk with Rya. Rya is in her actual form the second time, and she describes the circumstances of her birth as she understands them. After speaking with Tanith, rush to the manor Site of Grace to reload the region. Return to Rya to discover more about the unusual sounds coming from behind the wall. Exit the lobby and turn right after speaking with Tanith. To access Volcano Manor's hidden path, smack the wall with a crooked painting of a brazier.

You'll pass through a big jail and emerge in a town appropriately named Prison Town. It's crawling with snake warriors, however you can mostly dash past them if you're in a hurry. You can chat with Rya back at the mansion after visiting the Guest Hall Site of Grace to learn about her mental turmoil, however it's unclear whether this is essential.

Return to the Guest Hall quickly, then continue on. When you get at the Temple of Eiglay church, you'll be confronted by a Godskin Noble. After killing the monster, retrieve the Serpent's Amnion from the altar and talk with Rya once again.

Rya has left​

When you reload the region, Rya is no longer there. This is what's meant to happen, so talk to Tanith about it. She'll offer you a Tonic of Forgetfulness and requests that you give it to Rya if the truth about her origins is too painful for her.

Return to the Temple of Eiglay as quickly as possible, and use the elevator that became functioning after the Noble died. The road ahead is long but straight. When you eventually track down Rya, you have three alternatives.

Do you give Rya the tonic?​

Rya reveals the truth about her birth and requests that you murder her. Don't do that, and don't give her the tonic either. Return to Rya's hiding location after defeating Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Refuse to give her the potion when you speak to her again. Return to the hiding location after reloading the scene, and you'll discover a message detailing that she's departed to make her way in life and obtain the Daedicar's Woe talisman, which increases your damage taken.

Tanith will be thrilled if you offer Rya the Tonic, but everyone will ultimately depart the Manor, leaving Rya alone. She'll be gone when you beat Rykard, leaving the talisman behind. Finally, as asked, you may murder her. She'll express her gratitude, transform into her actual form, and discard the talisman.

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