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Mar 14, 2022
There's no doubt that many of you are already playing ELDEN RING and there's no shame to admit that some are struggling to cope with the game's supper difficulty. The good news is that you can still progress through the game without much to kill and level up faster, to counter the bosses once you've reached a significant level. For that, you obviously need plenty of runes and special weapons. I'm putting a list of guides/tips to help you to play the game rather easily than you've experienced so far.

Unbelievable Early Game Rune Farm

Elden Ring has many ways of earning runes whether it is killing enemies, bosses, or finding Golden Runes, however, to make runes quickly, players can dive into certain areas of the game where they can farm large quantities of runes rather easily.

Where to Get the Sword of Night and Flame, One of the Game’s Legendary Armaments

One of the greatest weapons in Elden Ring is quite literally sat in a room, simply ready for the taking without needing to fight a single enemy.

How to Get One of the Most Powerful weapons, the Moonveil Katana – How to Defeat The Magma Wyrm

Elden Ring is full of unique items, weapons and armour, and even more bosses. The Moonveil Katana is one of the best weapons in the game and the boss guarding it isn’t as tough as it may first appear.

Where to find the 2 Dectus Medallions and How to Access the Grand Lift Of Dectus

An entire area of Elden Ring can be accessed via a neat little shortcut. If you don’t wish to be faced with tough enemies and a boss fight.

How To Reach The Church Of Dragon Communion

Elden Ring has many areas for players to explore, some harder to get to than others, and some hidden.

Where to Find the Meteorite Staff, The Best Early Game Staff

Elden Ring’s fantastic weapons all scale from certain attributes to certain degrees. The Meteorite staff is an S scaling staff that you can acquire very early game.

These should be all for now. I really hope this helps you with the game. You can check out our Elden Ring PS5 review and for more guides, keep an eye on our Elden Ring articles.
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