Edge 354 features Hollow Knight: Silksong


Jun 20, 2020

- Team Cherry's next game will not be Hollow Knight related
- Team Cherry like Castlevania Lords of Shadow!
- Hornet will have the ability to perform tasks for NPC's, keep track of tasks you've completed through noticeboards around Pharloom.
- Not replacing organic quest lines from the first Hollow Knight.
- Instead of rescuing Grub's from jars, now you rescue fleas, that get themselves into little scraps.
- Hornet's Crests are fully customisable, can be easily changed to reflect your play style.
- Trying to create a game that's accessible to new players, but also matches the difficulty of the original game.
- 'Tricks' such as Sting Shards, Pimpillo Bombs, straight pins, can be crafted at benches from shards gathered from defeated enemies.
- The objective of the game is to climb to the Citadel, but there will be 'many other lands'
- Hollow Knight composer Christopher Larkin returns
- Start off the game having lost many of your powers
- PC and Switch only at launch, release date TBA.