Dying Light 2 is no longer limited to the Xbox Series S


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May 13, 2021
The open-world game Techland has received a big boost.

The latest update Dying Light 2 version adds a performance mode to the Xbox Series S version of the game that doubles the game’s frame rate.


At launch, Techland’s long-awaited zombie parkour sequel locks at random 30fps on Xbox Series S, while Xbox Series X owners can choose between Quality mode (4K resolution at 30fps) or Performance mode (1080p resolution at 60 frames per second).

The 30fps limit doesn’t suit Xbox Series S owners, as Microsoft’s cheaper console is more than capable of displaying 60fps in most titles, as seen in other open world games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can be seen.


Issues of Dying Light 2 series
Thankfully, the Polish developer works hard to fix this discrepancy and the issue has been resolved with the latest fix on Xbox.

The list of fixes is long, but the highlight is that the Xbox Series S version now includes a Performance mode, which launches games at 60 frames per second, meaning those with cheaper Xboxes can enjoy a smoother experience post-processing can have a smooth post-apocalyptic parkouring experience.

However, the update doesn’t change Xbox Series X owners, as there’s already a new option called Balanced Mode, which is basically a perfect compromise between quality and performance modes.

You still get 60fps, but at 1440p resolution – in other words, you get the best of both worlds in the Series X.

The patch includes a whole host of fixes elsewhere, such as fixing progress blocks in certain quests and co-op mode issues.

Improvements have also been made in combat, along with more natural behavior of the ragdoll signal and effects and audio matching the falling surfaces.

From bug fixes to improved UI/UX, the update should provide a much better overall experience for Dying Light 2 players.


Dying Light 2: Stay Human release date is February 4, 2022
The new Dying Light 2 update is definitely a big win for Xbox Series S owners. They no longer need to feel like they’re playing the latest generation of games.

Techland was able to solve the game’s frame-rate issues. It does raise some questions as to whether we’ll get the same performance difference between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S titles in future releases, especially as developers start to focus on next-generation… exclusives, like the upcoming Starfield.

The benefits of buying a less powerful but more affordable Xbox Series S. This means a cheaper way to experience the next generation of gaming.

However, there are still drawbacks in comparison to what’s possible on the Xbox Series X, such as lower target frame rate and resolution.

The Series S also sometimes loses graphic features such as ray tracking.

Given the long history of support and updates. This made the original Dying Light so successful. It’s likely that we’ll see more improvements and additions to Dying Light 2 in the near future.

Having 60 frames per second across all current-generation platforms. This includes the Xbox Series S, is still a pretty good minimum to hit.


Dying Light 2: Stay Human release date is February 4, 2022.

The game is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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