Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Best Rogue Species


The difficulty of creating the ideal thief for a Dungeons & Dragons adventure is pretty entertaining. One of the most recognisable classes in the game, Rogues are entertaining because to their distinctive combat style, which relies on remaining concealed, manipulating others, and paying close attention to the location of foes (and friends) on the battlefield. A tempting option for the Lone Wolves as well.

To be deceitful needs much effort, which may leave you wondering how to develop your character. The species you choose for them may make a significant impact, prompting us to ask which of them best fits this category.

1. Half Elf​

Half-Elfs may be one of the greatest species overall, and they provide unique abilities to Rogue characters. In addition to the Charisma bonus and two other ability scores of your choosing, you get additional skill proficiencies and Darkvision. They have several advantages.

You also have access to Elven Accuracy, one of the greatest feats in the game. This will provide you an additional roll if you have an advantage with your finesse weapons. If you are playing as an Arcane Trickster, even your spells will have this boost.

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2. Halfling​

The pairing of a Rogue with a Halfling is a common choice. They get a decent Dexterity paired with either Charisma or Constitution, according on their subrace, and their stature provides them with enticing alternatives for sneaking about.

Lightfoot Halflings also benefit from the ability to use the Hide action if they have cover from a larger monster. Overall, although having less mobility than other species, this is an excellent option. Nevertheless, feats can remedy this issue.

3. Bugbear​

The largest Goblinoids are more cunning than they look. Even while you may not blend in well in a metropolis, Bugbears have a number of attractive benefits to consider. This version of Multiverse enables you to pick the ability scores you want to increase, making your life simpler.

Regarding abilities, you have Darkvision, resistance to charm, free Stealth proficiency, and the ability to enter confined spaces without difficulty. Moreover, you do additional damage to creatures that have not yet taken their turn in battle, which may be paired with the incredible Sneaky Attack.

4. Elf​

If half an Elf is insufficient for you, maybe the whole bundle will enough. Despite the fact that the ability scores are distinct and emphasise Dexterity, there are substantial variances between the two. They don't need to sleep for a long period, they have free competence in the Perception skill, and they have subraces.

It is just a question of personal preference as to which subrace makes the best Rogue. You have several choices for boosting your ability scores, whether it via magic, quicker mobility, or any other means.

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5. Kenku​

While you won't reach the same heights as the Changeling, Kenku still has intriguing deception options. You cannot alter your appearance, but you may alter your voice and imitate voices you have previously heard, which will be more convincing based on your Charisma. They are also adept at imitating people's writing and other crafts, and you may get an edge for these techniques many times before taking a break.

The original Kenku were unable to talk for themselves, but Monsters Of The Multiverse altered that. That means there are no restrictions on how you may communicate with your allies based on the book you're reading.

6. Changeling​

Is there a more ideal approach to create an assassin than by using a shapeshifter? As a result of Monsters of the Multiverse, you may choose any ability scores you like. In addition, you have a wide selection of skill proficiencies to pick from, making this a flexible option. This book also transforms Changelings into Fey rather than Humanoid, meaning that certain spells will have a different effect on you, or have no effect at all.

Nevertheless, the icing on the cake is the ability to alter your look and voice. You cannot undergo drastic transformations, but your ability to impersonate anybody makes you ideal for covert tasks. As long as you are a competent liar, you may claim to be anybody and enter any location.

7. Owlin​

Did you know that owls can fly with minimum or no sound? Because this is an effective argument to make with your DM if you choose this species. Owlin is one of the few flying alternatives available in the game, and they come with a very strong Darkvision and a free Stealth talent, allowing you to acquire others via your background and class. And their ability to fly makes them highly manoeuvrable and lethal at range.

Instead, if you want wings but are not interested in this species, you might try the Aarakocra or the Tiefling variation with wings. They each have their own benefits, so it may be worthwhile to investigate them.

8. Tabaxi​

Even though most Rogues have strong climbing abilities, having this as a default movement that does not need ability checks is a fantastic advantage. There is nothing preventing you, for instance, from climbing a tower from the outside through a window.

You also acquire Perception and Stealth for free, letting you to get extra skill proficiencies with your class, and Feline Agility gives you a speed boost in case you need to make a smart departure if things become too hazardous.

9. Human​

If you're still undecided about which species to choose, humans are a tempting option. Not that they possess potent attributes, but it is simple to create balanced characters with them. You may not be the best, but neither will your imperfections be as glaring.

Variant Humans may trade this for a free proficiency in a skill and a free feat at 1st level, which is also rather beneficial. These are the only ones except custom lineage that grant a first-level feat.

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10. Kobold​

Both Volo's Kobold and Multiverse's Kobold are intriguing options, but Multiverse's Kobold wins this round with a powerful species, despite the fact that this version lacks the great Pack Tactics. You will no longer be susceptible to sunshine, and you may use your skills more often.

Your Cry may now be used as a bonus action, grants you an advantage as well as your friends, and can be used more often, giving you a free advantage to trigger Sneak Attack more frequently. Your Legacy also provides you with many choices during character creation, allowing you to effortlessly adapt this species to your build.

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