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Feb 10, 2023

I looked at this in 2020, got excited, then got bogged down planning a class build and ended up setting the game aside. Ok 3 years later, I rediscover this game, and I want one thing in advance, some good class builds. As compared to the last RPG I seriously played, CP2077, I could actually make heads or tales out of the class system, where actual tables where the path from beginning to end was exposed in it’s entirety.Unless I missed it, not so here. And my last serious build in CP was mostly a melee build, so I thought this time, I’d play mage/sorcerer but online I read things like:

I started DDDA last night. This game has potential, but the class build system appears to be a secret, a mystery or a mess. As you can probably tell, I’m not the type who likes to wing it in this department. I went online seaking good class builds and ran into little bits and pieces from around the net, no concise class build guides.
  • Strongest class: Sorcerer
  • But Sorcerer: Glass cannon
  • Then you need to add some stamina to the build 10 levels of Mage, 40 levels of Strider, 100 levels of Sorcerer as a vague suggestion without any specifics.
The most annoying is the lack of conciseness and thoughness, basically I want my hand held in this department. :D

Last night as a low level mage, I had a party of 4, fighter, mage, strider (dps), and me another mage. I woke up to a giant 5 headed viper attacking the outpost, and during the entire fight I spent my time running around trying not to be eaten, I had one heal spell that I could not apply to anyone, and my power spell sent little sparkles at the snakes heads and it did not really feel like I was aiming just pointed at in the direction of the snake that somehow found their way to one of the heads. So it might be said that as compared to hack and slash which I got a chance at in the prolog, magic feels underwhelming at least at the start of the game.

So if anyone knows something, I’d like to hear it. :) I don’t have the inclination to stumble though the game trying to figure out a proper build. And I like melee plenty so I am not vested in just a magic build. :)
Dragon’s Dogma- ok I’m over my DDDA angst regarding class builds. Picked fighter which is much more enjoyable than mage at the low levels, paying attention to Attributes which are serious buffs in the game such as reduce stamina expenditure by half, or increase health, then there Disciplines that are stronger attacks.

And it’s a little tricky, but manageable to have keys assigned to primary and secondary attacks, and then use left or right mouse button depending on what you want.

There is an outpost you head to in the course of the story and just beyind that a large band of bandits 7 or 9 to your party of 4 and they kicked my party’s ass the first attempt, but after I had about 2000 xp, I upgraded myself and my dedicated pawn, a mage who has her own xp, me and my party went back to that camp and kicked buttocks. :)

Although I’m enjoying it, its save system is a nightmare. Last night I accidentally told a significant NPC I would not loan her money, then looked it up and I should have. So I thought no problem, I’ll jump back to the last checkpoint, omg it put me back to the previous day before my party had a somewhat difficult fight with some large lizards in a cave at the bottom of a well in the starter town. The save manager I’m about to describe, at least got me back to the start of the current play session.

So I have a mod, actually it’s an independent .exe called DDDA Save Manager, picked up at Nexus mods that does a piss poor job of managing saves. It is supposed to keep a copy of every auto and manual save, but it does not, I’m lucky if I get a single save a session generated.

I know where the game save is kept, I might start making my own copies of saves after every important event if I jump out of the game leaving it running, make a copy of the save, though it in a folder with a description
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