Doom Eternal whitelisted on Steam Proton


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Dec 11, 2018
Proton users,

In an effort to get more testing of upcoming Proton builds, we are going to start sharing Release Candidate (RC) builds of new Proton versions before we set them live on Steam. These builds have not yet been through our full QA process, so we encourage you to stick to the default branch if you prefer a stable experience. We hope enthusiastic users will enjoy testing these pre-release builds and sharing their findings with us to help make the final release a better product.

The RC builds will be available in the Steam client on a branch of the Proton 5.0 app called "next". You may need to restart the Steam client for this branch to appear. We will be updating this branch periodically to fix issues found during the RC process. When the RC process is completed and the release graduates to the default branch, we will retire the "next" branch and your Steam client will move you back to the default branch. The source code for this branch is available in the usual repositories on the proton_5.0-next branch. This branch is not stable and may be rewritten.

If you find an issue on the "next" branch, please post about it here. We prefer to get reports here on this issue, and not on individual game issues. We are interested only in new issues that are present in the "next" branch and that are not present on the default branch. If you believe you have found a new issue, please verify that the issue does not occur on the default Proton branch before reporting it here.

This is an experiment. If it goes well, we'll keep doing this. So please, keep your feedback focused and on topic. :)

Here is what's new in 5.0-6 RC1. This is not the final changelog for 5.0-6. Features may be added or removed during the RC process.

-Fix DOOM Eternal DRM failures. This game requires the very latest video drivers.

-Update DXVK to v1.6, plus some fixes for Half-Life: Alyx and Grand Theft Auto 4.

-Performance and graphical improvements for Resident Evil 2 and 3 in both Direct3D 11 and 12 modes.

-Fix VR regression when users have a custom XDG_CONFIG_HOME setting.

-Fix external web browser links in some games.

-Fix 5.0 regressions in Rock of Ages, Dead Space, and Elder Scrolls Online.

-Ignore Wacom tablets that present as joysticks.

-Fix incorrect resolution scaling in Titan Souls.

-Fix DmC Devil May Cry crashing with rumble controllers.

-Fix Fallout 3, Panzer Corps hanging on launch.

-Improve Rockstar Launcher appearance.


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