Doom, Doom 2 to finally run at 60FPS


Last summer we all had a surprise dropped on us in the form of Bethesda making Doom, Doom 2 and even Doom 3 available on Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Android and iOS. The company seems to be in it for the long haul and not that quick money as they’ve just released a large patch for Doom 1 and 2 which brings a whole new set of functionalities to the games.

First of all, if you’re into your framerates – both games now work at 60FPS across all platforms and whilst that may not seem like a big deal to some, both original titles were locked down to 35FPS, so hey. In addition, you can now quick save, jump to any level you feel like without clearing the ones before it – all fab new additions to the game.

However, the more significant updates to the Doom titles are less about new gizmos and functionality but more about reaching the same level as the original releases. Such a feature is Bethesda introducing support for add-on WAD files on all platforms, including mobile.

However, there is one small sticking point, on all platforms except PC and Android, add-ons have to be approved by Bethesda.

“Because of the age of these games and the fractured nature of the DOOM community, we’re taking a different approach than some of our past cross-platform titles,” the company explained. “Every Add-on we make available will be fully tested by our QA and verified to work on all platforms. That means you can’t upload them yourselves.

“But we’ve already begun tracking down members of the DOOM community to discuss releasing their Add-ons, and hope to release many more in the future.”

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