Does Walter White from Breaking Bad really die?


Feb 4, 2019
My take was he did not.
He will be put behind bars but this time he had his alibi.
He will claim as his defense that he cooked meth under duress from Todd and his uncle jack’s crew.
This will be corroborated by his wife and his son grimm that some guys had threatened them not to talk about Lydia.

And Walter’s defense attorney would no other than Saul Goodman who will come out of hiding upon knowing that the heat is off upon the death of all antagonist with the exception of walter and Jesse Pinkman
Walter died. While I would have loved him to live on so the series continues, I believe it is a perfect end to such a remarkable movie. I can't quite decide which I love more Breaking Bad or House MD (tough decision lol)

Btw I've enjoyed the spin-off (Better Call Saul) where Saul the smooth-talking con man really shines
It's such a shame he died. He was an amazing character in the movie. In fact, he was one of the reasons why I loved and enjoyed watching the movie.

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