Does the Freemium business model enhance or diminish gaming experiences?

Do you prefer freemium or traditional games?

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Need some help/responses ASAP for my summer University Research Topic: ‘Does the Freemium business model enhance or diminish the modern gaming experience for consumers?’

I am currently writing a research paper and need some real-life responses on how you fellow gamers and students feel towards the free-to-play (or freemium) gaming business model.

The question is essentially asking if you feel like this new trend of the freemium gaming model (think GTA 5 Online, Lol or Fortnite) has a positive or negative impact on your overall gaming experience in comparison to traditional pay-to-play games. I strongly appreciate EVERY reply, Thank you greatly in advanced!


I kind of prefer both to be honest. I think there is definitely market for the paid games. And the free games some of the time have some really good value too. So it all depends on what you make up of it.