Does gaming makes us a better person?


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What really bothers me is whenever people say that playing games makes people violent. In my opinion playing games really helps reduce bad emotions since it is a good way to release stress and tension whenever we feel tired and exhausted. I know there are a lot of violent incident that are being linked with playing these types of games.

There a lot of studies out there supporting both sides but if you just think about it and you know other people to play video games out there is that we're generally a peaceful folk yes we might commit murders in Grand Theft Auto slaughter callous aliens but at the end of the day I know a lot of video gamers are afraid of real blood. I would have to say that what you do magnifies who you are. Gaming may be an influence for violence or a reliever, it just depends on how we master emotions which will be the ultimate game for me. ?


I personally don't think that gaming can make us better or worse, to be honest. I see gaming simply as a recreational activity and just because you make certain decisions in a game doesn't mean you would make them in real life too. However, I do know that there are many studies in the matter. I guess it depends on how young or impressionable the person is.


I think if you are playing games within a certain limit, for instance, one or two hours a day, games help you in analytic thinking. Since most of the games need strategic thinking, games help us to plan everything in advance. However, if you are playing too much your mind can be really dull as you are too much occupied with a game (that's because you are tiring your mind).


It depends, I think. If gaming made you think good and apply your skills on everyday life, then its a good result of gaming. But if gaming made you brag, lazy, and not socially inclined to other people, your not being receptive, your focus is just the game, then it's a bad result of gaming.
Well... To be very honest, I think in general, video games don't make us better (or worse) people.

However, looking into another way, we can use video game as a tool to help other people (but this is totally inherent in the essence of each player... because helping others also doesn't make you a good person in the sense of the word).


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I think you become who you allow yourself to become. If you play violent games but realize that such actions are confined to the game world and should never be done in real life, then you won't become a bad person. If you play games that focus on having a main character as a hero and emulate their good characteristics but make sure that you do so based on realistic situations, then you can possibly become a better person.

However, I think most of us don't really become better or worse people by playing video games. This is because people mostly use games to relieve stress and relax and not as sources of life lessons.


I think people think that gaming has no effect on us. But it does have effect. For example people who play a lot of games tend to be more disturbed. And they have more psychological issues to go through. And that makes it a bit harder to understand the gaming simply. I can tell you that I do think people need to play the game in balance way and not assume that games have no impact on us.


Sometimes it makes us better and Sometimes not. Playing games can learn more ways and strategy but the bad factor on playing games are people learn how to trashtalks and sometimes anger is coming out.


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Online gaming does have a lot of advantages as it builds up your social and lateral skills and we can make new friends all around the world. We stay connected to our family and friends in a joyful manner. But obviously, it can also have disadvantages if we play these kinds of games a lot.
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