Does gaming affect social behaviour?


Feb 1, 2019
We are not afraid of humans. In fact, we love to interact and communicate with different people around the world. When we play online games, it means that we have to talk to strangers and gamers from different countries, and later on, we’ll become online friends. There are also huge events provided by the game where we can meet our online friends. Imagine a huge crowd of different strangers, and then will go home with a new found friend. That’s really awesome attending gamers event or gathering and finally meeting those people behind the IGN.
I too don't find myself anti social. It's just that I prefer not to communicate with the society a lot. I feel more comfortable at home.
Well I'm a lot more of a homebody. I'm not anti-social and don't abhor the presence of any other human being near me. It's just feel cool to be with the family most specially on restdays. That doesn't mean I don't have a social life because I go a lot with friends much to my heart content.
I think I would classify myself as someone who could easily engage with other people on social events. But,that doesn't mean that we're friends already. I may know quite a number of people but I would only consider a handful of them as my friends. But, recently, since I'm always at home, I only have myself and the online world to communicate with. Haven't seen my friends for quite some time now. :LOL:
I am not an anti-social person, in fact, I like to socialize and spend time with my friends and even to meet new people that will enlarge our team. Believe me, is not the same thing as spending time online with your friends than meeting in person.
I am not too much of an anti social person, I do like to interact with others from time to time and have no problem opening up if they are good people.
I'm pretty much an introvert , plus i'd rather stay away from crowds. I’m not bad when it comes to social interaction though, i can easly start a conversation but i hate the noise and i find it kind of boring ; i prefer staying at home , enjoying a great game, watch a nice anime or some good movies. I think that Anti-socialism is a preference and i believe that online interaction is a nice way to communicante with people from all around the world as well as to make some good friendships.
I can't categorize myself as anti-social. There are times when I just want to slack off alone inside our house. But, I also need my friends to keep me sane or keep me want to go out and face the real world.
Gamers are the most social people I know, especially those who play online games! I don't believe that gamers are anti-social at all and people who say that just haven't had a good look at the gaming community. But we're all different individuals who socialize in different ways.
I am not really certain if I will be in a category of anti-social if we base it on psychology outlook. I' like to stay home and do the things I love to do. I like to roam around alone but I am fine with companion. Mostly of the time I like to stay alone because I don't have to deal with other persons attitude. I feel that being with friends give me negative vibes because sometimes they brought problems or ideas that are negative. They make unnecessary drama. They collect gossips/intrigues and share it. ( Ha.Ha.Ha) It makes me bored.
I like meeting people online and one of such avenues to meet new people online is by playing games. I am a very social person. I love interacting with folks I meet while gaming but if I sense any form of anti social activity from the other person I could be withdrawn.
Yes. I guess I am anti-social, and I don't really care. I do enjoy on occasion, hanging out with friends, but also feel so much happier when I return home. I love that when I'm gaming, I can choose to play solo or as a group, depending on my mood. I find gaming often more stimulating than conversations going on in the outside world.
I'm very far from what can be considered antisocial. I mean I'm still very addicted to playing video game, but they no longer my priority for a long time. Today, they are just a hobby that I make a point of keeping because it makes me happy.
I think the issue is the gamers when out of the game pods and house. They tend to be anti social towards other people. Sort of like they assume they are above everyone else for playing games and winning in it. So that sort of behavior is anti social. I'd say that people should definitely watch out how they behave among other people.
For me personally, I'm not anti social and I don't like to be whilst gaming. I love meeting people online and playing with friends and family on Co op. Meeting and developing new relationships through gaming is one of the reasons why I enjoy my hobby so much
I think I had some of that effect on my mind. And I became more anti social and life gone pretty much in the wrong side. You can see that it'd be reasonable to make use of the quality time outside instead of spending a lot of time online and playing games. That's what I can tell you from experience.
Some people and studies suggest gaming affects behaviour either in a positive or negative way.

Do you think this is true or just another myth which hasn't been scientificly proven yet?

A gaming addiction is now classified as a mental health disorder in England although do you think gaming mostly impacts Children rather than Adults as their minds are still developing and learning?

What's your opinion and thoughts on this discussion style debate?
People have attacked other people in real life. People are abusive towards other people in family. All because of gaming addiction. And it seems like a lot happens with any form of addiction. I can tell you that gaming constantly has bad effects on our body and mind. So we have to be pretty much mindful on that part.
Gaming addiction falls under the mental addiction category. While some will swear it could be a physical addition :p

Most people addicted to it mainly have mental addictions they cannot control. It's a shame to get addicted to something that doesn't have a physical dependency.

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