Does Far Cry New Dawn seem a tad exaggerated?


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Feb 1, 2019
It look's like they might be running out of ideas, thoughts ?

I've never been a fan of the Far Cry series, but I also do not like to comment without being aware of it... So, I've played it a few times and I can tell you, with all my sincerity: How do people consider this game so good?

Everything in it sounds exaggerated and out of purpose (even irritating at times) and despite good graphics, the game can still be very tedious.
I think on some point it may appear to be exaggerated and overly done stuff. But then again we already knew that franchise would do something like that. And there are people who are going to like whatever the franchise throws at them. In such case you will notice that difference as well with the new dawn release.
Far Cry 5 was my first game in the series and it will honestly be my last. Far Cry 5 was awful. There were so many problems with the story and it honestly felt like they had copied and pasted each mission from the previous, they were all so similar. And it didn't help that I felt sick every time I tried to play it. I know that people think that New Dawn really should have been an expansion to Far Cry 5 but I guess they wanted more money so threw it together and thought they could just make it a "new game".
I haven't play with that game nor familiar with it. I am not sure if it has a nice story but the presentation aren't really inviting. I don't like the mix of violence and some fantasy power. I find it more feminine yet too manly in terms of actions. It's too early for me to judge especially that I haven't play it but it's not just my type of game.
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I watched the trailer and what I like about it is that the story line and game play is interesting. There's a lot of characters that might be a part of a good story. But I noticed is that the animation of the game is not that good for me. It's too bright and there are other reasons.
Extremely awful. It's like SJW taken over the series. And the gameplay was poor in my opinion. I mean what were they thinking to do. I hope that they learn their lessons and make better game. I mean they used to make some good games in past. I don't know what happened to them. And where they plan on going with this.
Seems like game developers is more focused on providing great cinematic effects only, my opinion is that maybe they should also focus on the game mechanics as to the graphics. They should remind themselves that gamers knew, waited and bought this game because of its mechanics (I'm referring to loyal players who already played the previous franchise)
I haven't really gotten into the game but I think to some extent most games are a bit to exaggerated, sometimes by the company, sometimes by the fans of the game.
The more reviews and the gameplay I see about the new dawn. The more I feel like no thanks type of moment for me. I mean this is pure SJW utopia that is going on with the far cry new dawn. I'd definitely pass it and move to something serious gaming for sure.

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