Does anyone play Portal?


Feb 1, 2019
Puzzle areas generally take the form of a room or series of rooms through which players must proceed in order to win. The aperture gun makes it possible to create a portal in order to get to out-of-reach areas, drop onto moving platforms, or retrieve distant objects. That fairly simple formula produces some fiendish puzzles which invite the player to repeat them many times over. That's good, because the game is unfortunately quite short, with only a few hours of game play to finish off the main story. And finishing is required the charming little song at the end makes the struggle well worth it.
There are lot of portal based games out there. I remember some of the chinese games and also the tower defense games that had the same thing. I honestly didn't know much of the game there. I personally think that portal games the american games were good too. It was worth playing the game.

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