Does anyone play browser games?


Well, some people are addicted to browser games and find them pretty fun to play all day long. Do you play any browser games and if so, which ones in particular? For how long have you been playing them?

I play only 2 browser games which are Agario and Slitherio. I have been into them since years and they are good to kill some time. I like both of them equally but if I had to choose one of them it would probably be Agario because I think it feels less repetitive.


Stadia is browser based platform. So we have to be prepared to see the new set of games that are going to come out in the market with the stadia. I'd say that stadia should be releasing many of those games more and more. There seems to be a lot of those other browser unity games but I think stadia would be one great platform to look forward to.


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Both of the browser games you mentioned are the two that I play aswell! Years have passed and I still pass time with Slither.io and Agar.io, they're two of my most favourite ones to play. I really enjoy playing these video games because you constantly have a goal to achieve. It's frustrating when you die, especially if you've grown your cell/snake for hours on end. You have to start from the beginning again!
I like how you can play 9-ball pool on Miniclip now with other players. But the games generally lag with a poorer connection. I used to get slaughtered at the regular pool game. In real life, I am quite skilled at pool, if I don't rush my shots.

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