Discussion Does anyone here play The Sims?


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Jun 14, 2020
I have been playing since The Sims 1 Complete Collection. I love the series. I own all of them for TS3 and TS4.

What about you guys?
I played them a bit back in the day, but its been a few years since I last touched the game.
I played them a bit back in the day, but its been a few years since I last touched the game.
Yeah, I go through spurts where some months I'll play the game like crazy and some months I won't. It depends on how bored I am of the series. Right now, I'm pretty bored.
I used to play Sims and the similar simulation based games when I was in highschool. It used to be pretty much fun considering the various types of the scenarios and the mental model that goes with it. I loved playing few version of the Sims before quitting. Never went back after that and I don't think I will be using it any more.
Seen videos and whatnot but I never played the sim collection. It isn't for me. People/players put so many hours into the game and see things that's just good. But it's boring for me. Well, I would get bored after the time of playing it.
I only enjoy Sims 1. Wasn't a fan of the forced story aspects of the newer ones.
I used to absolutely love the sims! It was a personal favorite of mine! Sadly the cd exploded in the cd case jamming it shut one day and I never got to play it again since. :(
SIMs is a dangerous game for me. I get really into it to the point that I'm bringing it into my real life. I'm not even joking, lol. I've had times in which I've completed a task and said how it would have updated my ability. But I haven't played it in a long time, mostly because the computer I play it on doesn't hold a charge anymore (usually I play on my laptop). Maybe one day I'll get a new computer so that I play it more consistently again.
Damn. Do you try to somehow figure out uaing the rosebud cheat irl?
I've never played the Sims but always wanted to start on it. I have Sims 4 which I got for free thanks to PlayStation Plus but haven't had the chance to try it out yet.
I own the latest because it was on sale one day on Origin, but I stopped really engaging in the series way back with Sims Online which was a lot of fun - I was a kid mostly playing with housewives talking about having to do the real life laundry after they cooked their Sim meals, lol.

That said I have played a bit of the more recent titles here and there, just never for long. Now that you reminded me though I may go ahead and fire up the latest.
I download it and spend hours putting the household together, then play for 40 minutes and uninstall.
I did play the Sims when I was a lot younger and found the game more appealing then. I don't think I have the patience to play such game now. A few of my friends are hooked on it though, it's almost like a lifestyle for them.

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