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Does anyone here like WWE 2K20?


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Does anyone even like this game?

I agree with what GameWise said: each year, more powerful graphics are added to games.

xenonVirus. We'll probably be gaming with even more powerful computers in 10 years. 2029 will be an interesting year. (Of course, it hasn't occurred yet...)
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The games that THQ made were better. 2K has this problem each year where their games need a lot of patching. I also don't like the controls anymore. They take some getting used to, and even then, the gameplay is such a chore that it distracts from any fun one could have had with them. I must say though, that the roster is nothing to grovel about. They sometimes miss cut off points, like with heel Bayley no longer having the inflatable figures in her entrance.


I am no more into the WWE and other similar wrestling games. I do think however for those who like playing may like the new release.
The games were way better when THQ worked on them. I used to like creating myself with the CAW mode. Now you can't even use custom music anymore. :sick:

Look at this.

Ask for your money back. :ROFLMAO:
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