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Does anyone here actually make money from YouTube and surveys?


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I read online that if you fill in a lot of these surveys, you get "points" that go towards claiming rewards that are the perks for you offering up your spare time. Well I tried it, but it seems you have to go through a lot of these shitty surveys just to make up enough of the required points, and they probably just want people's contact details for third parties to spam you. You're also supposed to answer all the questions honestly, as opposed to just clicking random answers. But it takes way too long doing it that way.

As for YouTube... I wonder if anybody even makes a dime off of any of that stuff they upload. I read up about it, and it seems you get a quarter of a penny per 1000 views or something. I don't recall the exact amount, but I doubt you can make a living off of that, but they say you can get copyright free videos based on popular interests like fast trains or something like that, and re-upload it as your own with a catchy thumbnail. Or can you? Let me know if you know anyone it has worked for. I'm not interested in doing it myself. I just wondered if any of it was true.
I tried to do surveys once, but it required too much time and pay out was not worth it. And these days seems impossible to make money on youtube as someone new.


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Yeah. It seems like a chore. They probably just want your details for putting you on their shitty mailing lists.

Preach! Whenever I fill out a survey, I'll just use one of those temporary e-mail sites so that I don't end up on their mailing list and my real e-mail doesn't get backed up with spam. The surveys really aren't worth it.

And these days seems impossible to make money on youtube as someone new.

Yep. Demonetization is rampant, copyright claims are abused en masse, and now that giant COPPA mess was thrown into the mix. Basically, making money on YouTube if you're new is 99.9% impossible.

xenonVirus. I used to love YouTube. Now I might be reconsidering....


Hello everybody

Why gamecasters and youtuber are so rich?

Thank for your comment.
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because they spend more time making money and spending less... and once your video is out there making money its a loop through


I think they do hard work. They entertain people. And in return they get paid for being the gaming creator.


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All of these reasons are true. Besides, it's not easy to be a content creator. It's a lot of work building up a subscriber base and actually getting monetized in the first place.

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Money management really, I know youtubers can make a lot or maybe not enough but good management and getting deals on their stuff can build the bank quickly.
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