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Who wears a face covering? Are you wearing the mask out of choice or has your government made this mandatory for the time being? England has made them compulsory for public transport and from Friday 24/07/2020, they will be required in supermarkets too.

I'm exempt on medical grounds.


Nope, ever since it has been started I don't wear one at all. And those that are exempt from wearing one, How can they prove it? or what's needed to be done! does anyone know?

I phone my local doctor regards wearing mask to be exempted and he said he has no idea.....


I don't really get close to anyone for the need to wear one. In fact, the guidelines state that everyone should be distant from one another, so I try to keep well away from other people when I'm out in public.
I have to for work, since I work retail I'm okay with it. I'm also now wearing it while going out, since there are more and more people walking about.


Used one properly for the first time today. Have some reusable ones on order that I'll be collecting Wednesday. The new norm is upon us!


At the moment, most of the time I am at home right now as the lockdown is still being slowly eased away. I use my face mask for my driving lessons right now but will have to use it for shopping and public transport as well soon


Yes, we have rules that we have to wear a mask in all public places and I have to wear it for work as well.


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Depends on where I am. If I'm in my house, no.
Outside of my house? Well, where I live, I have to wear the mask any time I venture outside of my house - government order.
Even if I wasn't forced to wear a mask, I would still voluntarily slip one on my face as well as practice social distancing.


I live in Canada and our government has made it mandatory to wear a mask while out in public. If you compare covid stats between Canada and the USA, it's night and day that masks do in fact work and prevent the spread of the virus...the difference is in the millions
Covid Canada
Covid USA

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