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Do you usually spend a lot on video game sales?


Everybody knows that the dream of the gamer comes true when they see that sweet discount when a video games sale come up. The question is do you usually spend a lot of money on that type of sales like the ones in Steam or probably at your local games shop for physical copies for your consoles? How much money do you spend maximum?

I'm a PC gamer and I use Steam and there are sales quite frequently (or maybe not that much) but I don't spend a lot of money for video games at once. The maximum I would purchase is 2 games, each of them priced maximum at 20 euros. After all, you need to eat something too!

Martin Berisford

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To be fair whenever the Steam Sales go out I'm always the one popping on straight away to see if anything is on sale that I want but because I only tend to buy games I know I want to play (My friends steam share their library with me sometimes so I get a test run) I only ever buy those games as opposed to any others. Keeps the cost down for me anyway and as you mentioned, helps get that weekly shop in for the house lol.


I try to limit my purchased year long because I tend to spend the money during the sales in Christmas. As it tends to be lot of shopping and lot of games giving the discounts in that time.


Luckily for me, I have specific games and niches that I've interested in, so even if there is a sale, I'm usually careful in terms of buying new games.


I don't spend a lot while gaming. I try to focus on buying some and limiting to how I play the rest. Gamers, especially when you are on budget, needs to understand that having every game that you desire means spending lots of money.


I bought only once in a life time on Ebay and from their onwards ill borough from someone or get it free from friends. I am not a big fan of Gamer, but my kids are a fond of playing.


I think as time goes on I may surely consider buying in bundles more though. Because these days the price of the bundles and the micro transactions are going to be more in the android platform from what I have seen so far.

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