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Do you use voice chat in multiplayer gaming?


I am not the kind of gamer that will have my headset on by default with the intention of joining rooms with voice chats, especially not with strangers. I know for some people this is not a big deal. And communication in some of these games is crucial.

So I thought it'd be interesting to hear in what conditions do you feel comfortable using voice chat? Is it something you use often?
Do you use it just with friends or are you comfortable in lobbies with random people?

In general, do you guys like to use voice chat?


I do disable whenever possible. Considering that most of the time there is a lot of swearing and also it's not even worth it unless you are with friends.


In most of the games I play communication with each other is very important. Mostly using voice communication when I play with friends but I also use it when I play with random people if they don't behave toxic, otherwise I just mute them.


I think in game chat is often better. I also think that discord and similar group chat can offer a lot more features and also good for the group communication.

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