Do you use a touchpad or mouse?


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Jan 10, 2019
Laptop users, what are you using right now to read this topic: Mouse or Touchpad? If your using an computer mouse, does it require a bluetooth or wireless connection? I find that a Bluetooth works best for me when it comes to mouses.
In this situation, I think everything from the style of the game (because some of them have very peculiar points).

For example: If it's a game that needs a lot of movement - especially at constant speed - I prefer the mouse (because the ability to move around becomes easier). Otherwise, I have no problems with a touchpad.
I use a touch pad. When I bought a laptop for the first time, I was not used to touch pad, therefore, I used a wired mouse. However, these days I only use touch pad. I have never used a wireless mouse.
I can't imagine myself playing with the touchpad. In fact it can be pretty hard even with joystick on console. I'd say it is always better to have more control with the mouse. I know laptop users prefer to use the touchpad most of the time. But I am kind of used to the mouse and so my preference goes with the mouse whenever possible.
I prefer using a mouse rather than a touchpad because I can control the movement of the cursor better. This makes it easy to play any kind of game on PC whether it is Diner Dash, Papa's Freezeria, etc. or video games like Tomb Raider.

I don't like using the touchpad because mine is not that sensitive and there are times that it doesn't respond to my touch. It also sometimes doesn't open files or double click which, if it happened in game, could result to me losing the game.
From my experience, every PC gamer will always prefer using mouse to play games. Mouse gives more precision when playing, which makes it the obvious choice for such gamers.
Personally, I don't like touchpad. I am having a hard time moving the cursor and navigate everything compared to using a mouse. The mouse is my best friend. I want everything to be smooth which saves my time. I never use the touchpad even though my mouse is broken. I would rather buy a new mouse again and again instead of using touchpad.
From my perspective on gaming, this question or inquiry is fixated on PC gamers mostly because they are the ones that makes use of mouse to play with their PC games. There was an argument I saw online long time ago on which gaming control tool is more accurate in targeting between mouse pointer and console pad controller, and from gamers views, it was deduced that mouse was the best.

So, as a PC gamer like myself, I prefer using mouse to play then using touch screen. I can't imagine it being possible to have gaming satisfaction with using touch screen to play.
Honestly, I prefer a mouse. It is hard for me to use a touchpad, the clicker go all over the place. It is a lot more simple for me to just use a mouse.
Initially, I was used to a wired mouse even when on a laptop. With time, I got tired of replacing the gadgets and simply went along with the touchpad. Surprisingly, I found the pad easier to use than I expected. I bet its all an issue of conditioning. Humans are creatures of habit and will keep doing something as long as its working for them.
I'm more comfortable playing using a mouse, it is easy to control unlike using the touchpad. When I'm using a touchpad, I use both my left and right hand unlike using the mouse, there playing using a mouse is much more easy and I get to enjoy myself playing.
I prefer using a mouse. I believe it gives me better grip and control of the game. I use a laptop but instead of using the touchpad when I am playing a game, I bought a mouse which I attach. I haven't tried bluetooth though.
I've played lots of games using only a touchpad. But I find it difficult to play certain games without a mouse. It's like being at a disadvantage.

Probably because they were meant to be played using it. So in general, I prefer using a mouse.
Mouse but since most of the time I've spent now is in front of my laptop, I think touchpad is starting to grow on me. I'd still choose mouse though if I were to pick just one.
I prefer using a wired mouse when using my laptop, for work and when playing games. I have had issues with a couple of bluetooth mouse before and that experience has made me a wired mouse advocate for years now. Touchpad is useful when just doing work stuff, especially when you are in a public place, it is much more convenient since you don't need to bring extra peripherals with you.
I preferred using a wireless mouse because I'm not comfortable on using touch pad i only use the touchpad when i'm inside the aircraft or car.. but mostly when i play games i use a mouse
I am using a mouse even if I am using my laptop, my tasks on the Internet are complicated and I need to move fast so I am using a mouse no matter what.
When I am on laptop, I always use mouse. It is simple cheap wired mouse. I don't like touchpad. Mouse is much faster.
Jesus, whenever I use a laptop I always need a mouse for it. I don't feel comfortable using the touchpad even for simple tasks as browsing, click to watch some videos and things like that. And to play video games with a touchpad? That is a big no-no-no. If I get a personal laptop in the future I will make sure that I always have a mouse to use it with and not to struggle with that touchpad.
I can't imagine how some of the people make use of the touchpad and try to play the game. I think it'd be reasonable to say that mouse is lot superior at the end. Touchpad makes it harder to play the game.

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