Do you try a demo before buying the video game?


Feb 9, 2019
Places like Game Spot let you try out games before you buy them. They usually have one or two of the latest or biggest games ready to play on their consoles. The demo versions usually let you take a good look around the game. Have you ever tried a demo that made you buy the actual game? What game was it?
To be fair, whenever I've walked into stores that have demo consoles out and about for people to use, it tends to be the bigger games that I've already had an interest in actually buying anyway. So I come in, play a few rounds and double check that I would actually be interested in taking on the game and if I like it, I contribute to the decline of the high street by popping online and buying it for less haha.
Not really, if I'm on the edge I'll just check out a youtube gameplay or in depth review.
I've never played a demo in-store but I did try a few demos of games by downloading them to my PS4. Most of the time, I don't end up getting it other than the Crew 2.
I very rarely bother with demos these days.. My backlog is plenty big enough without playing an incomplete game! :LOL:

Have you ever tried a demo that made you buy the actual game? What game was it?
Literally the only game that has made me do this is Kameo: Elements of Power on the Xbox 360..

I'm pretty sure they had the kiosk set up before the console had even launched.
i would go with that besides you can just look at the games your self but i would say that is a pretty good idea for the store to let you try out the games instead and also the crew 2 is soo good and awesome it was a really hard challage to other people and i beated the games
In 90s and the pre 2010. I used to download the demo games and then try it out before purchasing. Now that youtube is there I think it's reasonable to try out the gameplay videos before wasting time downloading.

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