Do you think the Nintendo Switch requires further improvements?


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Jan 24, 2019
I haven't really played it, but it seems perfect to me. However, though, some suggestions I've heard are: screen toughness, cloud storage, more internal memory. Well, those things would be a plus for any console I think. Anyway, do you think the Switch needs more improvements than other consoles or less? What improvements are needed for the other consoles?

Now, here's another thought, "How much would you be willing to pay for console improvements?". Also, are these demands reasonable - considering most people want the cheapest price? Myself, I can't really say without a lot of research - but I'm guessing that improvements will justifiably hike the price quite a bit.
From what I have noticed with Nintendo Switch, it is a device that is meant to serve the wishes of majority of their fanbase. This is the reason I am working on having one for myself since the company is more of pushing to keep the gamers happy with lots of improvements.

On how much it is going to cost, I don't think it will be overboard as long as everyone is okay with it.

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