Discussion Do you think Silent Hill will be at Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show?

Broken Shotgun

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Jun 15, 2019
Since it's supposed to be in development by a Japanese company, I think it would make sense to have the game being shown off at Tokyo Game Show, as that's a major event. However, that isn't to say it couldn't be also making its debut at Gamescom later this month. The creditable survival horror insider "Dusk Golem" on Twitter (who pretty much began the rumors earlier this year) has stated that it should be shown off during 2020 by Konami anyway.

Are you stoked for the game, or has Konami got you to the point of not caring? So far, all we've heard about, is this...

In my opinion, I hope it is a reboot, and NOT a remake. Yes, some people would really like a remake with a modern day shine to it. But I'd rather have something new, for the next-gen hardware, so we can have the franchise moving on ahead. Now, if only Capcom would consider doing the same thing...


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