Do you think Nintendo is the best?

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Feb 1, 2019
There are different types of video games.
Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. So if you think Nintendo is the best of them tell me why do you think so.
I think it's a always a choice of the player which games will satisfy him. Playing with different gadget is always an advantage since you will get to experience different level of excitement depending on the gadget usage. It's always the games that matters. Our ability to adapt and control every stages of difficulty is a rewarding challenge. I guess instruments gives us convenience.
Well, no. I always said that PC is the best, but hey, it doesn't mean that a PlayStation or a Nintendo is bad, simply that PC is far more superior. Nintendo games were once more superior to the PC one's.
Yes, I do think Nintendo is the best. I wouldn't buy a new Nintendo product in 2019 However, I would buy the original Nintendo that first came out. My all time favorite Nintendo game is Mario.
I remember way back 1990's when only rich kids can play Nintendo and I'm one of those kids looking and just watching playing that game. I also remember telling them to try holding Nintendo and have even one game. Now, that's only a memory I just smile for that moment of my life.
I do not think that Nintendo is the best. Nor do I think that Xbox or Playstation is. I love them all equally to be honest, there are games that are exclusive to just that platform and I guess that makes each special. I recently bought a Nintendo Switch and I am having a blast playing Mario Kart again with my nieces.
I don't think nintendo is any best. Most likely they are going to be replaced by other console companies soon. Considering they are not being innovative. And switch was not much of innovation. In fact it was more of an attempt of recycle of concept. I think on that note, they have to come up with something, like say gaming mobile or something to sustain in the market.
I haven't really played all the systems enough to make a decision. However, I will make the guess that all the major systems are equally competent. Anyway, despite that fact - I would always choose Nintendo as a first choice - because I like Mario and Donkey Kong. Nonetheless, though, I haven't explored other systems to find out - if characters - unique to their systems - would drive me more to PlayStation and/or Xbox.

O.K., what are some good rival characters to Mario and Donkey Kong - only on other consoles?
I think there are many independent games that can be into this type of the category of platformers.
No. Nintendo is definitely out. PC games have been skyrocketing and followed faster then console gaming.
I honestly don't like their policies on what to and not to stream. So the nintendo needs to slow down on that.
Considering the Switch most likely outsold the Xbox One X and Nintendo continues to do well despite relying mostly on their own titles and under power consoles, I'd say yes Nintendo is the best.
nintendo have a great base and fan base just need to release more games and quicker.
I think their streaming and the copyright policies are kind of annoying. But apart from that the company is good and not bad like the other franchise which are going pretty negative.
this is a arguable statement to really say. PC is best but console is more portable since most pp don't have laptops. Nintendo wins for mobility. Nova yes the policies suck... but that's not gonna change due to kids breaking them bc parents don't discipline their children. it happens on every game or application. theres kids that are doing bad deeds and its not funny. it makes our lives more WTF MOMENT... help those console companies and report them so that way the community can help them keep it cleaner and more mature audiences. :)
I think apart from the policies which affects creators the most. I think Nintendo needs to slow down on a lot of things. I guess only competition can make them change.
You know it's a tough one. I love the games on PlayStation and Xbox. But Nintendo has ally childhood exclusives. I think Nostalgia is what makes me like Nintendo.
I don't think I'd play Pokémon or animal crossing etc if they came out now. I'm a grown man haha. But I play them because of the memories I think. I also think this is the case for most people, I mean a switch is £100 more than the other 2 but it doesn't make sense hardware wise.
If in some weird world Nintendo lost Mario and Pokémon to the other consoles then nobody would by a Nintendo in my opinion.
Yes they seem to have those boomers and millenials on their side. Those who are born after 2005 however have seen the different side of nintendo. And that goes to show you that companies change.

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