Do you think Momo should be banned?


The other day I had posted an older article about this in another thread, but this morning read a recent article. This story is getting a lot of media attention. I have never played Momo, and have no interest in doing so, but I am curious to check it out somewhat. Given the history of the game - I think they should just ban it. It looks terrifying and is harming children. I am curious on what others think about this?


In fact, any game as stupid as that should never be able to even see the light of day (but unfortunately, there are people stupid enough waiting to win $$$omething from this dumb attitude).


Well it deserved to be banned for good. It brings harmful effect on a child's mind. Young mind are still vulnerable and are easily influence on what they saw and observe.d They are motivated in a wrong way. It is also better that parents should limit their children on usage of gadgets and internet. Disciplining them is a good way to protect them from harm. I also think that constant communication with the family is important.


I was not aware of this game until someone posted this on facebook. I went to youtube to see what was momo like. I think a game like this should be banned immediately.


I believe initially the claims about Momo were false but as the news spread, trolls started actually putting Momo in videos. I hope that more is done really to stop it because it's not at all a good thing.