Do you think Mixer's strict guidelines are good?


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Feb 7, 2019
So there are some of the female streamers crying that mixer guidelines are strict. And they want to show off the upper body to attract the viewers and mixer does not allow that. And this has caused more issue because female streamers think this is discrimination. In reality it is decency to not show your body in family rated stream. I think this was the downfall of twitch where female streamers are showing too much of their body.

Do you think such guidelines are good? I think so.
I don't see anything wrong with the rules. Just like you said, this is a great move to ensure that everything is working as planned in terms of bringing decency to streaming. The same ladies that are not happy with this decision will be the same that will say something not cool when the rule allows them to show their upper body parts.
Rules of all kinds should always be taken in context and never out of it, as it gives us a clearly image of why that rule exists. Mixer has decided to make a rule like this because of the goals they have for the service, namely to be a platform for every one regardless of age. They don't cater to every kind of audience, people seeking some nice soft porn being an audience they don't even want to focus on. There is nothing wrong with this and this isn't discrimination as there is a clear and logical reason to have these rules other than "I don't like titties or girls".

Say you have a straight bar, if you were to ban black people then you would have a problem as there is no other logical reason in doing so other than you being a racist about it. Then take a gay bar where you ban any and all girls from entry. That isn't discrimination, that is logical within the context of the rule as girls would actively ruin the purpose of the bar. Mixer does the same thing currently. They want a platform for all ages and having girls quite literally selling their bodies to gain viewers is something that actively ruin the purpose of the service within today's society.

You could argue that society is messed up for not allowing both men and women to go around naked if they so please, and you'd be right to some regard. Though then I'd raise a counter argument in this case that Mixer wants to focusing on streaming and more specifically the streaming of games and that they do not want to focus on soft porn for their platform. Meaning that within the context they are still well within their right to refuse certain elements without it being "discrimination".
Being a female streamer myself on Mixer and pushing for partnership and also being someone who uses a cam from time to time, I have nothing against the rules that Mixer has in place and I feel like they are pretty straight forward and should be standard with it being online and easily accessible by children. Mixer is available through website, phone app and Xbox and many times children stumble up on streams. Having these rules in place help prevent children if anything from seeing things they shouldn't. We all know children will enter and 18+ stream as well as a teen stream and even a family stream. Mixer is looking at this from all angles and ensuring everyone can have a safe, viewing experience.
Indeed I want those streamers sites to make the 18 and plus rule. And make sure to have the rule such that those streams don't get the homepage treatment. And also those streamers who do such streaming also get different advertisers too. I hope that family and gaming streams don't become the porn streaming.

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