Do you think games like FIFA really need to come out every year?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
For me, I like to play a good bit of FIFA and despite my annoyances, I'm one of those people that will happily shell out the £50 neccessary to enjoy it every year as it comes out with YET another edition. Nowadays, I'm starting to think that all FIFA does it whack a few nicer graphics on the games, sticks the next year on it and says hey presto. I can't say I've noticed alot of difference between FIFA 18 and 19 really. The Journey mode was probably the last thing that really got me thinking this is great.

What about you? Do you think any other games like this really need to release another game year after year with minimal changes? Does it annoy you?
I stopped playing those games for years. I think they should come when the world cup is out. And they should add the features specific to that. And make it exclusive. That way they can have better audience there. Not all the years it is been releasing and I don't think they have consistent sales.
That would be a lovely way to view FIFA games but I believe they already release a Euros/World Cup specific game alongside the general FIFA games as well everytime they turn around. It's nuts. Must make the money though I suppose otherwise it wouldn't keep happening and fair play to them if it does work out for them. Just wish it didn't feel so 'lazy' as it does every year lol.
I think there is some dedicated fan base so it tends to earn some good money for them. I have learned that it can be pretty good for the EA to invest into this type of the games.
They will keep doing what makes them money. They wouldn’t be releasing it every year if it didn’t.
I think considering they only go for the premium sports, They are going to be working on such games each year with some changes and continue to develop the games per year. And that's how they keep making money.
They will keep doing what makes them money. They wouldn’t be releasing it every year if it didn’t.

Yes and many sports fanatics are willing to shell out the price for them too. Many users have spent quite a bit of money on sports game from FIFA all the way to games like Madden and NBA games. They make money and that's why they release it. However it is quite annoying that they have to release one every single year. I've never been a fan of sports games or watching games on TV for that matter. If I'm not the one playing the sport it seems boring. Some of these couch potatoes need to get up and go shoot some hoops or something.. lmao

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