Do you still use your PlayStation 3?


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Mar 27, 2019
I still got my PS3 hooked up. I lost my PLus subscription so I am using the PS3 instead. I don't play that much online but there is a friend I really enjoy playing with. He's showed me the ropes with GTA V online and the online mode of Red Dead Redemption.

I have some games in my backlog like the remasters of Kingdom Heart 1.5 and 2.5, Dragon Age, and a few others I wouldn't mind slowly progressing through. besides, it is more affordable to buy games for it in special sales.

How about you? Do you still use your PS3?
Occasionally, mainly because I was late to the PS3 party after abandoning Xbox LIVE.

I prefer playing on my PS4, the gaming experience generally feels smoother - not sure whether I imagine it..
I don't think most of the modern games can keep up with the PS3 these days. And there does not seem to be much of the value with the PS old versions to be resold either. So moving ahead with modern game is lot better solutions.
I do use mine every now and then, I've got it hooked up in my old bedroom from when I moved rooms but I just rarely go in there and actually play anything as the rooms become a bit of a dumping group given the house move. I do sometimes just go and clear a tiny parcel of space so I can sit down and have a play and that's always fun but it's never a considered session really it's just a little jaunt when I'm meant to be doing something else lol.

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