Do you put subtitles on while gaming?


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Mar 23, 2019
Whenever you are playing a video game do you put the subtitles on to help you understand what is being talked? Or you prefer to not have any extra text on the screen to see the game better?

Personally, I put subtitles on only when I'm playing some story game or an RPG one. It's not because I need them or something like that but the subtitles give me some feel of completeness which I can't explain really. Mhm, weird.
I'm not sure if its my ears/age or just the sound quality of my sound bar but sometimes I can't understand what people say. So these days I do play with subtitles on if possible.
I've never really had to put subtitles on but some games have them on by default and don't have a problem with that. I sometimes feel like I do get distracted by subtitles and can't follow what they are saying due to that. It really depends on the game I am playing and how well I can hear/understand them.
I usually put on the subtitles because it ensures I don't miss anything and also helps me because I can focus on something else for a second and then have a quick glance to see what was said
I always have subtitles on when I play games nowadays, and even TV too. It's not that I even spend my time looking at them but I do sometimes have an issue understanding accents or certain ways in which things are said so I always find it helpful to have it on so that if I can feel I'm going to start struggling I know I can just have a look at the subs and get the gist of whats happening. It's more second nature to me now to see them.
It entirely depends on the game, and the pace of play.

For point-and-click style games and RPGs, subtitles are almost a must.. I can't imagine playing the likes of Broken Sword or Discworld without them. For most other games, they're a bit distracting and I often find myself trying to read the subtitles instead of actually watching what is happening in the game so I leave them off.

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