Do you purchase gaming merchandise for your gaming area?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
This is a simple one, have you ever liked a game so much you went out and bought some real life march to deck out your room or gaming area? For me, I took a recent trip to Japan and I came back with a lot of stuff I didn't really need (of course) but I damn sure wanted. I'm a big Pokemon fan so getting some amazing Pokemon merch was the top of the list for me and now my room is adorned with Japanese pokemon merch haha.

What about you? Have you got any merch, and if so why? If not, why doesn't it appeal to you?
I used to be crazy about the merch that usually get released in the pre access times. Now a days I realize that it is nothing but a waste of time. People usually spend money in such stuff if they have it. I think any collector who is into it may prefer the same as well.
Nowadays, I realise not only is buying Gaming Merch a waste of time but also a complete misuse of your hard earned money! Purchasing merchandise doesn't really appeal to me. I think we as Gamers spend enough on the video game and micro transactions as it is!
Well, to be honest I like game merchandise but I have never bought any because of the beefy prices. An example I can give - a real CS:GO knife is worth a minimum of $30 USD. Well, it seems a lot to me especially for people outside of rich countries. But the clothes merchandise seems to be priced fair most of the times.

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