Do you prefer wireless or ethernet for gaming?


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Jan 10, 2019
Ethernet is not always the best as it may not be a suitable location to game, that's why my preference is wireless gaming. Even though your receiving a more stable and fast internet connection by using a wired connection, your not getting the portability and I'm a gamer on the move. You shouldn't have to worry about this though, most connections are now fibre optic with up to 80-100 megabytes wirelessly.
For convenience, it is better to use wireless connection. It can still deliver fast internet speed wherein it should suffice your gaming needs. If you want a more stable connection, go with ethernet. When I was young, my uncle runs a computer rental shop which uses ethernet connection for all the computers. It was the time when wireless connection aren't the thing yet. But it suffice everything we need for that moments. When time passed by, we installed wireless connection in our house and we used to play the same old online games we played in our ethernet days. The ethernet connection was more stable but the wireless connection can still suffice it. It is a matter of your own preference.
Well some professional gamers might say that they despise wireless, but I personally had no problem with it what so ever. We have a wireless router for 3 people in our family, and we all play LoL at the same time. No problems at all!
Ethernet days are reducing and now the WiFi has reached the 4G level. Most people tend to make use of the new tech if possible. And that seems to be helping them with the connectivity be it for gaming or for internet in general.
I've always used wifi since my modem is just too far away. Though in the near future I hope to change all that, as I really want wired stable connection.

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