Do you prefer to play video games alone or in groups?


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Feb 2, 2019
For some people, playing video games is something so "sacred" that they always prefer to play alone (no matter the game or the situation... only alone). For other people, fun is always accompanied when games are played in groups.

So, would you say you belongs to which team?
I don't mind really and it really depends on the game as well. For games like Grand Theft Auto Online or even Red Dead Online, it's much better to play with a group of friends because the experience is much better. I could play for hours and hours on GTA Online if I'm playing with friends because it's just funny and so much fun to mess around with them. But there are other games like maybe Crew 2 where I don't mind just playing by myself so I can enjoy driving around the map without distractions.
It depends on a number of factors which include what video game I happen to be playing as one.

An example being Grand Theft Auto five, I might play with a group of friends online as there will definitely be a fun interaction and improved gaming experience for all of us involved.

Although, an example of a video game I could choose to play by myself is Minecraft as I'd like some alone time to express my creativity.

It's a mixture really. I like to be sociable and other times I might want to interact with others whilst gaming.
Both. I like games with good stories that I can get pulled into alone and I like games that I can socialize with friends during. I also like various games to play alone during some downtime. But since I stream, most of my game play is a community event, anyway. Either way, it just depends on the situation.
Groups can be good if you have them. Not every person has the group and some people also are in isolation. And that can be pretty difficult if you ask me. Some of the time those type of the video games don't add up much value either if played alone. So I guess making new friends is the way to go in that context.
I usually prefer alone. I just can't sometimes concentrate on my game when I am with a group. But depending on the type of game and other several factors, playing in groups could also be much more fun.
It depends on the game, there is games I play to just chill and 'get out of my head', those ones I like to play theme alone especially driving type of games, I use to play Euro Truck Simulator for hours and hours just to relax it's like yoga to me; but in the other hand there is game that are only fun when played in groups, such as PES or FiFA, I love to play them with group, I play tournaments in PES for hours with a dozen of friends and family but I can't play the game by my self it's just not as fun.
I prefer to play games with a group of friends, if it is a multiplayer game, off course. I think that playing games with friends is real fun. We are always laughing, we make jokes, it is simple much more interesting. I am that type of a person.
I do love to enjoy playing games with friends since it will add more fun. You get to interact with others and blend with every attitude of other gamer. There are times that I get pissed with due to their unsatisfied strategies. ( Ha.Ha.Ha ) It helped me control my emotions even when I'm in a beast mood. I need to concentrate and focus on the game. I love the intensity and entertainment of every game.
I prefer playing games alone. I'm not a really good gamer and I feel really pressured when I play with others, especially with people I know. I mess up more often and end up dying every few seconds after respawning. When left alone, I find out I can play normally, so I don't want to play with other people when I discovered this fact.
My gaming is a solitary activity, I do not play games in groups. I am not a hardcore gamer, I play games when I am bored and do not have anything to do. When I am in a company of friends, I have other things to do apart from gaming.
Well I guess I am a loner type and I play games on by myself I mean I am not a hardcore gamer as well and playing in a group is really not a thing to me. I remember when I was a kid I used to play games with my siblings and to me that would be the group I had when plaing games.
I prefer playing a game by myself. I tend to be a little temperamental so I'd rather not get into a fight with a friend. :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Also, I find it fulfilling to finish a stage all by myself without any help from others. But, of course, there are some games that is better played with friends or other gamers.
I think alone time is always good if you are playing some puzzle games or say FPS etc. But if you are into CS GO, Anthem, Apex legends type of game then it can be useful to play it in group. And you can make more friends along the way. I made more friends online this way than anything by playing alone.
I prefer both, alone and as a group. There are times when I want to concentrate and have fun alone. But, there are also times when I feel like the fun in a game can be shared with siblings or friends.
I love to play most of the games alone. I do consider the games which are into PVP format or MOBA those sort of games can be played with the friends.
When it comes to playing games, it always depends on what game I am playing as to whether or not I would prefer to play with a group or on my own. If I am playing some kind of multiplayer game such as Call of Duty or even Fortnite I prefer to play with a group of friends, it's so much fun playing with friends and most great memories are often made playing with friends. For solo games such as campaign games I always like to play alone unless I am helping a friend through the campaign if the game allows that. The only time I will play an online game on my own is if I really just want to be on my own to chill out and relax.
I think playing in groups definitely helps out in many ways. And people have to be taking care of their own routine and the approach in order to socialize. Because lack of socializing definitely affects many people. So playing alone is only good if you are forced to otherwise get social and know more people.
I prefer to play alone. When I'm with my close friend group, I usually play as an online group, but the first option is loneliness :)

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Honestly, as I've gotten older it's just easier go alone. I'd love to do more group focused content but time constraints suck

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