Do you prefer single or multiplayer video games?

These days I prefer to play single player mostly. The reason being multi player gets me the most with the blood pressure. And there are times when I just prefer to use the group gaming like say in Wow and DOTA. It can be fun that way, because based on the mood I can plan on which type to go with. I don't keep long term in same mode.
I can't say that I prefer multiplayer over singleplayer video games or the opposite. I play both of them and they are all different. For an example I can give The Walking Dead as a singleplayer story game - it's awesome and I enjoy it. But for a multiplayer I enjoy CS:GO with my friends. They are different games and have completely different purposes.
I'm more of a single mode player myself - more so because whenever I play multiplayer games I seem to run into idiots who are just out there to ruin the game experience for all of us and my time on the game is precious so I don't want to waste it dealing with trolls. When I do play multiplayer, I tend to only play that on PUBG or GTA Online really where I know I'm going to get trolls so I just run with it.
Most of the mobile based games are better with the single player. I don't see much of the value out of them as a multi player. So on that note I prefer the single player gaming in such context.
I love multiplayer as well. I just enjoy playing against and with other players because it makes the game much more interesting and competitive.
When I am playing sports related games, I always want to do so on a multi-player version since it is easier for me to win. However, when it comes to certain games that are adventurous, I prefer to play it on a single mode since I enjoy reading the mind of the computer.

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