Do you prefer handheld or home consoles?


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Mar 27, 2019
I thought it'd be a nice time to make a poll and see where you guys stand with your gaming preferences. I made the poll tickable so you can choose both if you don't feel particularly strongly towards one side.

For this poll, I see mobile as a handheld device. PC up to you, if you play on a tower treating it like a home console or if you have a laptop that you move around to play anywhere you go.

For me, I think I lean more toward handheld. Part of that might be that I share the home consoles with my spouse so portable ones feel like truly mine. I also seem to be fine sacrificing some of the visuals in order to get the portability.

If the switch Joycons weren't troublesome for me, then I'll probably like it more than the 3DS.

That being said, I enjoy console playing a lot.

So what are your preferences?
why do you think you prefer one over the other?
For me I've always preferred home consoles, it's what I grew up with, but these days I've become a fan of gaming as a whole, and so I don't gravitate to one thing over another, I love all forms of gaming so long as it's an enjoyable experience. The only part of gaming I haven't embraced and likely won't is VR (and the Kinect and those like it). Beyond that, I'm all for consoles and handhelds.
I think consoles are much better fit if you consider long term. Handhelds tend to have less lifespan and plus not much view for the games. In case of consoles, I am kind of PC and Console type of guy.
Home only because I don't usually like small screens although at times I'll play my PS Vita.
I think small screen based devices can be good if you have plans to move around the place. Like say in subway or in office etc. Handheld consoles for me have limited demand in such context.
Home consoles because I've never really liked playing portables.
I never really took my stuff with me, even handhelds, so I much prefer consoles where I can hook up to a nice tv and enjoy it with a great sound bar.
I prefer home consoles 1.I have a ps4 2.Better connection 3.i like using a controller
Are you referring to Wifi as in connection? Because even handheld devices can be used with that right? So connection should not be the case for the console vs handheld comparison IMO.
I do enjoy my PS4 but since having a Nintendo Switch, it's been fun playing on the go, around the house. It's my new favourite :p

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