Do you prefer gaming then or now?


Feb 15, 2019
Well, I grew up in the countryside (Two different regions). Most of our games in school or at home were all natural. Climbing trees, run and tap, throwing the javelin, picking wild fruits from extremely tall trees, hunting birds, sliding barefooted on slippery paths and slopes... (All depending on where you grew up and how). Well, the list is as long as you may remember.. In all these games, one of the beauties was that we enjoyed relationships with each other and we cared one for the other.

Well, times have changed. People live more private lives. It’s a digital world. You can be holed up in a house for a week without ever venturing out. We and our children enjoy the computer, phones, Ipad and tablet games that can only or mostly be played by one person, one computer or phone with the ears plugged with ear or headphones. Its different isn’t it?
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I loved it that I live in a generation that enjoyed the best of both worlds. When I was younger, I look forward to playing in the streets with my friends. Running and laughing and biking and all the other things we used to do back then. But, I also was able to enjoy GameBoy, Family Computer, Super Nintendo and all the old-school games. It's fun!

Nowadays though, most of the children are too attached to their mobile phones or tablets or laptops that some of them would rather spend more time with their devices than play with kids outside. But, I guess we can't blame the parents if they choose to just provide their kids with these gadgets instead of them playing outside as there are a lot of crimes now compared then.

Time has changed almost everything in the world now. We just have to adapt.
.Well, I would say that I enjoy both. I do get nostalgic when I think about the days in the past when I was in my School and online gaming was not very advanced at that time. We used to play outdoors and it was fun. Playing games outdoors does inculcate the habit of working for your physical fitness. In the current times, the children are more tech-savvy. Even small children can operate devices like Laptops and mobiles from a very younger age. The amount of intelligence and ease with which they are able to comprehend complex technology can sometimes be mind-boggling. The only thing that the younger generation needs to do is to give equal importance e to physical fitness.
While I love the conveniences in our modern world, I do miss the simplicity of my younger years. For example, it is great to have the internet at your fingertips, for quick answers to questions you may have, but I also have fond memories of hours spent doing research at the library. I do on occasion still visit the library, but it is getting less and less frequent. I realized recently, that I used to call my Dad more often for advice on how to fix things. Now I simply google it. Thank you for this thread, you made me realize I should make more of an effort to call my parents, and less time spent on my phone. ?
The former days were just amazing!

Okay, I still really enjoy playing video games... But the fun of a few decades ago was so much better, more fun, and mostly more inclusive. The things are very every person in their own world and I find this very annoying and damaging.
I am thankful that I got to enjoy the times when we gained big smiles through playing outside with cousins or friends. I'm also thankful that technology has made our lives easier. I'm just so proud that I get to experience both. But, honestly, I would want to go back to the old times, when socialization was not hindered by gadgets and any form of technology.
Former definitely. The thing is, you wouldn't even have to go back that far for me. Maybe to around 2008-2012 which was the time Grand Theft Auto IV was released. Back then, microtransactions weren't popular so developers actually created great single player content for their games and didn't care about getting as much money as they could from us as gamers. Now we're just considered as customers and not as gamers which is extremely annoying. It's sad to see how far Rockstar has fallen in terms of this.
I am also from the small city and now living in the big city. Lot of things changed. And it can be pretty different experience. I used to be very happy with the time being spent into the gaming. Today kids are more or less addicted and are not much use in the real life. So better to say that we need those old days back in terms of how kids are raised.
Yeah, things really have changed but I really enjoy both. We have much more options and much more entertainment to look to so we don't get bored, though most of us pick spending time inside.

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