Do you prefer AAA titles or Indies?


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Which ones do you prefer and why? Do you like the games that are made by the big boy developlers like EA and Rockstar or do you prefer to keep it down to Earth and help out the little guys with their indie games? Are you a mix of both perhaps?

For me, I'm more leaning towards Triple A most of the time, just gets more of my interest versus the indie games that I have played and the ones that are out there.


I think indie developers need to be supported. Because they bring a lot of things on the table and they continue to make the gaming better experience for the other people. So I'd say that better to go for the indie game and AAA game only to keep around the changes in the history.


I definitely prefer triple A titles though I will say there's been a lot of nice indie games releasing for the switch. Some of which are Dead Cells and Moonlighter. Some great titles you should check out if you have a switch.