Do you play Subway Surfers mobile?


Does anyone play Subway Surfers mobile? I'm really addicted to this game especially being an old gamer, it is a pretty straight forward game, I can sometime spend hours playing it. Who else plays it and how far have you got in the game?


I think it's almost impossible for a regular user to complete all the levels there, unless some is an expert or playing 24/7. I've played it at times when it came out, and reloaded it once again the last year - for sure lots of fun.
There's levels? I mean I thought it was an infinite run until you die. But there are people out there who can play long amounts of time without dying.


I had it on my old phone. Back then I was really addicted. I didn't unlock all the band but I remember I got a few from the character of the month, like Manny representing Mexico.

It was my go to game while on the bus. I would just not the music and instead play Spotify. Haha. I remember ai loved starting with Aerodynamic track.
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