Do you play Roblox? If so, what is your favourite game on it?


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Aug 1, 2019
Roblox is a very popular free game that is available on phone, xbox, PC and tablet and has a lot of different games you can either play on your own or with friends. I sometimes find myself playing Roblox just to chill out and pass the time and I often wonder how many other people play Roblox and what their favourite game is on Roblox. Are you someone who plays Roblox and if you do what is your favourite game?
For some reason I could not get myself to like this game. I know many people play this game and they seem to be finding some value out of it. But not me for some reason.
It took me a while to find any kind of interest in this game. Watching streamers playing it and seeing the games they were playing helped me find something that would keep my interest for a little while. It is not a game I would say I would play all of the time but it's something I do not mind jumping on when I have some spare time to kill and want to play something different. Just the other day I found myself playing a restaurant tycoon which I became addicted to.
Love the availability of options Roblox offers. Have been playing it for a couple of years now and I am satisfied. Contrary to what people say these days, it's safe to play.
I think I've jumped in and played a few times but then I end up asking myself why I wasn't just playing Minecraft since I already have the game :p

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